onsdag 27 juni 2007


"Jaha", säger ni.
"Shmup, vad är det för nåt?". Jo, hörrni.

"Short for “shoot-‘em-up.” Semi-official classification for video games in which a large amount of shooting is involved, and the gameplay is executed in a 2-dimensional style (though the graphical objects onscreen can be 3-D), and controlled strictly from a third-person perspective. Most shmups automatically scroll the background in a certain direction to create the impression of movement as the player progresses, and involve taking control of a plane or spacecraft (as such they are sometimes called “Space Shooters”), as well as collecting various power-ups,, but there are many, many exceptions to and variation on this. Though some use the term “shooter” by itself to refer to shmups (in Japan, in fact, shmups are usually called “Shooting Games,” or “STG’s” for short), this sometimes gets them confused with first-person shooters or light gun shooters."

Det är en tv-spelsgenre för oss som gillar kulregn, epilepsi, 2D och highscores som är 45 cm långa (många siffror blir det). Här finns en glossary där du kan läsa allt om Bullet Hell, Credit Feed (gud förbjude), Dead Zone, Suicide Bullets etc.

I min samling till PS2:
Psyvariar, Silpheed, Gradius 5, R-Type Final, Gigawing Generations.
Övriga favoriter:
Gradius (NES), R-Type (Game Boy), Ikaruga, Border Down, Mars Matrix (Dreamcast)

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